1st Chalkwell Bay Scout Group

Our COVID Policy (July 2020 - Alert state: RED - updated 19th December 2020)

We work within the guidelines issued by:

The Group has processes and procedures in place to reduce the risks to our members and their families whilst engaged on scout activities.

These include:

COVID - Risk of infection

  • Who is at risk? All + extended families
  • Controls: You MUST NOT attend any face-to-face activity if:
    • You have any symptoms of Covid.
    • Anyone at home has the symptoms of Covid.
    • The family home is currently in Isolation , on advice from the NHS.
  • Review: details of any changes will appear here Reviewed: 07/09/2020 - no change

COVID - Equipment

  • Who is at risk? All.
  • Controls:
    • Personal equipment should only be used by the owner.
    • Group equipment must either have been stored away for 72 hours in a closed box or, if not, thoroughly disinfected before use.
    • If equipment is to be shared, it should be thoroughly cleaned between users.
    • Used equipment must be returned to the box at the end of the activity and the box labelled with time and date of last use.
  • Review: details of any changes will appear here Reviewed: 07/09/2020 - no change

COVID - Physical contact

  • Who is at risk? All
  • Controls: All Participants will:
    • have a named zip-loc bag containing a wet soapy flannel (for activities away from washing facilities) or use hand sanitiser or hand wash-basins if available.
    • wash their hands on arrival using their own cloth or sanitiser.
    • keep apart by whatever distance is deemed safe at that time.
    • wash their hands during activities as necessary.
    • wash their hands when leaving and take their own bag home.
    • We recommend that flannels are then washed and dried, ready for the next use.
  • Review: details of any changes will appear here Reviewed: 07/09/2020 - added hand sanitiser and wash-basin options

COVID - Incubation

  • Who is at risk? All
  • Controls: Parents of participants (or Adult members) must notify the Group if:
    • Any attendee experiences Covid symptoms for up to 7 days after the event.
    • Any member of the attendee's family experiences Covid symptoms in the same time frame.
    • Any attendee or member of their family receives a positive Covid test result or is contacted by NHS tracing services.
  • Review: details of any changes will appear here Reviewed: 07/09/2020 - changed from 3 days to 7 days as per Govt guidelines

General Risk Assessment

A written Risk Assessment will be in place for every activity as part of the planning process.

Dynamic Risk Assessment will take place during any activity and any additional risks or countermeasures will be recorded and the written Risk Assessment reviewed afterwards.

All existing Risk Assessments will have the additional COVID measures (above) added to them, as appropriate.

Members (or their parents if under 18) must read the above Policy and give their specific agreeement to it.

Face-to-face activities (when allowed) will only be open to those who have that agreement recorded on Online Scout Manager (OSM).


19th December 2020 until further notice...

The Scouts in England are now in "Red" status, in line with all other Youth Organisations and in parallel with the national lockdown imposed by HM Government.

The Scouts published this statement today, to clarify exactly what this means:

Some Counties...


AMBER readiness state from 00:01 2nd December 2020 until further notice

(Previously from 06 July, updated 03, 10 and 22 September, until 23:59hrs 4th November 2020)

This is set by The Scouts, following advice from the National Youth Agency (NYA)

The current guidance is copied below: