Executive Decisions

At their 11th November meeting, the Group Executive Committee:

  • Approved the Trustee's Report and the Scrutinised Annual Accounts - See "Records" menu
  • Agreed to start the process of writing off historic Bad Debt
  • Agreed that Subs for this year will be:
    • Spring Term 2020 No charge
    • Autumn Term 2020 £30.00 per head, due now
    • Winter Term 2021 £30.00 per head, due 1st January.
  • Proposed that Subs for April 2021 to March 2022 to remain at £90.00 p.a. per head.
  • Noted that the Group was now Sponsored by Kings Road URC

At the 15th November Annual Group Council:

  • The Annual Reports and Accounts were presented and Adopted.
  • The Executive Committee was voted in:
    • Chair: Spencer Dinnage
    • Secretary: Louise Hebden
    • Treasurer: Fran Swallow
    • Elected members: Nicola Halloran, Karen Kinder, Tracy Clements-Hills
    • Nominated members: Chris Lightfoot, Isla Lightfoot, Vicki Holder
    • Section Leaders: Kirsty Groom, Millie Pugsley,
    • Co-opted members: Kirsty Dinnage, Matt Raggett

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