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Scouts this year has been a challenge for the young people and leadership team. We have more that 40 scouts, 3 scouts have received Chief Scout's Gold Awards. We also had 2 Young Leaders who have turned 18 and decide to join the leadership team.

There was one winter camp in January that went well with a good turn out from the young people.

During the lockdown, we have heard from more than half the troop. We sent out a number of activity packages including:

  • Making a Turks head woggle
  • Mini pioneering kit
  • Taskmaster challenges
  • Mini crossbow kits
  • Scouting stickers (who doesn’t love a sticker)
  • Postcards

We also ran online sessions for the scouts to join, a Minecraft server they can log in to and join the scout world and build.

At the start of September restrictions started to change and being outside was possible, so the scouts have taken part in a day hike around battle bridge. This was a very popular event with more than 20 scouts taking part, over 2 weekends.

Scouts could then be inside, we managed to see most of the scouts back at the hall, under limited numbers. Unfortunately just as we started to get organised the rules changed again.

We are now in the process of adapting and evolving the scout troop again.

The scouts have had access online chat system to post photos and keep in touch.