Getting organised

The Scouts 'lockdown' on 17th March prompted some creative thinking to see how we could continue the weekly programme within the new restrictions.

This web site was in development, but nowhere near ready for use and so we introduced a new area, called Nextcloud, which was a sort of private 'facebook'. This provided a secure meeting area, chat rooms, and somewhere to upload and store files. 1st CB was now 'Digital' !

Our Scout District provided Google Meet as a video-conferencing tool and shorty afterwards, The Scouts provided a Zoom licence too. Initially we were reluctant to use these as the Government had implemented a national lockdown on 23rd March, and there was suddenly a significant increase in demand for on-line services to support business (working from home) and school work.

Before long, the first fully on-line meetings were held and many parents found themselves assisting with the meetings, as they helped their young get on-line, and then helped them make things, cook, and run around completing scavenger hunts.

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