First steps to returning safely - the Approval process

The Scouts produced a "COVID Framework" which outlined the steps we needed to go through when we were ready to return to face-to-face scouting.

At the heart of the process was the requirement to produce a workable Risk Assessment of the additional risk that Covid presents, with suitable counter-measures in place to reduce it.

Our Scout District produced a simpler on-line system to help speed this up and, to date, several different Risk Assessments have been submitted and gained "District Approval" so that the activities covered can go ahead.

Every activity we plan has to have its own Risk Assessment created, with any new risks identified and delat with.

We have started to use our on-line membership system, Online Scout Manager (OSM), to store risks and countermeasures which can be selected and included according to the activity. We also use OSM to seek and store your specific agreement to our measures and your consent for your children to take part in face-to-face activities.

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