Basic set up instructions for Zoom (R)

From scratch:

  1. You will need a: PC, Laptop, Raspberry Pi, Tablet, or Phone with internet access.
  2. Open a Browser window and enter " zoom.us " in the address bar
  3. This will take you to their main web site and the first thing you will need to do is "Accept Cookies"
  4. You should see an automated advert running in the main screen, but there are several buttons saying "SIGN UP, IT'S FREE", so you might as well.
  5. The first step of sign up is a check that you're old enough - it asks for Date of Birth - but doesn't store the info (it says)
  6. Next it asks for "your work e-mail address" as it's intended as a workplace tool, not as social media. If you have a Scout e-mail address, suggest you use that one as it's for scouts - but a personal e-mail address should work, too.
  7. Alternatively, you might want to provide your Google or Facebook log in credentials and it'll sign you up with those. Personally I prefer to keep them separate!
  8. (after that it probably asks more, but I've already signed up, so can't see what happens! If you could make a note and e-mail it through to info@1stcb.org.uk I'll update this!!)

Once signed up:

  1. go to zoom.us and sign in
  2. This takes you into your Profile Page, where you can add lots more personal information, if that's your wish.
  3. There are links on the left to many other settings. Please be aware that some of these ought to be 'set' to something other than default if you intend to use this for meetings with youth members.
  4. (details of what needs changing to follow...)
  5. At the top of the screen you have three options: SCHEDULE A MEETING, JOIN A MEETING, HOST A MEETING

Scheduling a new meeting:

  1. Choose a meeting name (Topic) - this will appear in Meeting Invites
  2. Optionally add a Description for the meeting
  3. Choose a date, time and duration (will be added to Meeting Invites) - beware the American date format!
  4. You can choose to generate a Meeting ID automatically (a random number) -or- you can use your "Personal Meeting ID" (which will always be the same) - this is effectively your Zoom 'Phone Number'
  5. You can use the suggested Passcode, or you can overwrite it with something else. maybe "Wibble42" .
  6. 'Waiting Room" is already ticked, and that is one of the settings prescribed by HQ for scout use.
  7. The 'Meeting Options' at thebottom can be useful - particularly "mute upon entry" and maybe "automatically record meeting"
  8. If all goes well, after you Save the meeting, you'll get a page showing you what you've set up.
  9. There's an option to add it to your favourite calendar(s), which makes it easier to find, but the most important bit is the "Copy Invitation" link to the right of the screen. This is usually how you get the meeting invite to others.
  10. Click on "Copy Invitation" and then switch to your email system (OSM works well!) and "Paste" the invite into an email to everyone you want to invite.

Host a meeting

  1. First thing to know is that it helps if you have a) a Camera and b) a Microphone connected to your sign-in device! They aren't essential though, you just won't be able to speak to everyone (except via Chat) and they won't be able to see you! Headphone with a microphone (e.g. a Gaming Headset) can be a good idea if you're Hosting or Presenting.
  2. Next thing to know is that you can start a meeting any time you like so you don't have to wait for the appointed time. If you do, just "leave the meeting" , don't "End for all participants" or you may not be able to restart it. (need to check this).
  3. The third thing is that the meeting lasts indefinitely, until a third person Joins the meeting, then, the clock starts ticking and the meeting will end 40 minutes later. You can restart the meeting (same details) and everyone can re-join for another 40 minutes it seems.
  4. Either load up zoom.us again, sign in, and click on "Meetings" on the left hand menu -or- click on the Calendar entry (or the email you sent yourself) to Start (& Join) the meeting. Either of the last two methods will load Zoom,us and require you to sign in.
  5. What usually happens next is that Zoom invites you to load the Zoom 'App' and use that instead. It'll nag you about this every time you try to join or start a meeting! Most Browsers have a link near the bottom of the page which says "Continue in Browser" - so we'll do that for now...
  6. You should now see somewhere a link to "Start the Meeting" click on that and you'll get the main Zoom screen (eventually) - you usually have to click on bits to add audio, turn on cameras etc. More about that later.
  7. If you're the "Host" you'll need to allow anyone else who joins to enter (from the Waiting Room). If you hear various pinging and chimes going on, it's probably people signing into the Waiting Room.
  8. Click on "Participants" in the bottom (or top) menu bar and you'll see a list f everyone who's signed in. If it's just got you, with (Host) after your name, then don't panic - it just means no-one else has joined yet.
  9. Once someone else enters the Waiting Room, you can choose to admit them individually (or not!) or you can wait for your meeting start time and click on "Admit All". Don't forget that you MUST have two Adults logged in before you admit any Under 18's.
  10. (Sharing the Load) You are able to make any of the participants a "Co-Host" which means they can handle the admittance of new members, mute people, change displayed screen names, enable screen sharing, etc. If you decide to leave the meeting early, you can also make someone else the "Host" and the meeting can continue. Don;t forget to keep at least two adults on-line though! To make a Co-Host, click on "Participants" again, click on "More" next to the person's name, and choose "Make Co-Host" from the menu.

Join a Meeting

  1. If you've received an exciting invite to an on-line meeting, and if you're very lucky, the Meeting Invitation will include a hyperlink which will load zoom.us and invite you to sign in to the meeting.
  2. The name you type in the box is what will appear at the bottom of your picture on-line.
  3. Another way of joining a meeting is to load zoom.us (or the App), sign in and click on "Join Meeting" if you do this, you will need to provide the Meeting ID (an 11 digit number) and then a Passcode (often 6 digits but can be anything!). Both of these should be in the Meeting Invite you received, probably just below the bit that should be a hyperlink!
  4. The screen you see next will usually be a bit bland, this is the "Waiting Room" but the person setting up the meeting is able customise this to make it more interesting. It's one of the other 'settings' in para 13. above.
  5. You may also see a message saying that the meeting hasn't been started yet - and if you're the Host do you want to start it? That just means that you're the first one there - a bit like arriving at a locked scout hall before the keyholder arrives.
  6. Once someone admits you to the meeting, you'll usually get a few prompts to start Audio and Video - this just links your devices speakers, microphone and camera to Zoom, Sometimes this doesn't work and you then need to leave the meeting, close zoom (maybe rebot your device) re-open zoom and Join the meeting again.

there's more... but it's my turn to make the tea....

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